Products : Slide Zipper Bag (ZIPPLE PACK)From material to the color of zipper part :You can create your own Zipper Pack.

Zipper Pack by Ishizaki-Shizai

MaterialPrintingSizeZipper&slider partsFinished product

"Zipple pack" can be produced as custom-made product.

Zipple pack is used for wide range of usages as packaging material with sliding zipper for example, stationeries, like clear case. This pack is the case usable for various purposes and fields. You can also refer our past case example for your reference.

Selection of material

At first, we can make a proposal of suitable material according to your usage and target cost. We also have good reputation from the customers who concern about environment as we don't use any PVC material for the film.


Zipple pack can be produced with printing too.With your own logo or wording, you can create your own products.


We can be responded any dimensions from smaller size, such as name card to A1 sheet as bigger size. Also the shape of bag can be arranged like with bottom gusset or hanging type.

Zipper & slider parts

Zipple pack has open/close slider at zipper part.

You can make a choice of color for zipper and slider parts from our standard color variations according to your request.

Zipple Pack products from Ishizaki-Shizai

Color zipper & slider
Clear case for large size documents

Custom order is available.

Ishizaki-Shizai applies sliding zipper to produce various products other than those products. We may ask customer's needs or request and we can make a proposal matching to your application and using environment. We also can supply your own printing, such as logo mark.

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