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Selection of material by expanded knowledge

We usually use composite film of nylon and polyethylene for general compression bag for storage of futon. However, we may need to select other suitable film for different usage.
From our long experiences as the manufacturer of packaging material in many years, we can make a proposal meeting to customer's request.

One-way valve

Deairing function is absolutely necessary for compression bags, so we prepared several types of valves (one-way valves) which will be main part for this deairing function.
For the case of the compression bag which needs large volume deairing, we use the valve using suction appliance, such as vacuum cleaner from outside. And for the portable compression bag, such as travelling clothing compression bag, we use the valve which emit the air using its internal pressure and it doesn't need suction appliance.

Selection of sealing zipper

In order to maintain the compression, air-tightness of zipper portion is very important.
We are mainly using Double-Zipper which is our own designed with high air-tightness.
To respond to various designs, we prepared wide range of color variations. Also for easy opening, we designed the bump at the back and front.

Selection of slider parts

Slider of space saver bag is the part to shut-off tight-sealing zipper. Tight-sealing zipper can't maintain the compression as the air is coming-in if there is unsealed small portion even a few mm. Also structure of tight-sealing zipper is much heavier comparing with general zipper, so it can't be closed lightly. So, the slider is very important part for the tight-sealing zipper.
We develop exclusive use slider parts for each shape of zipper by ourselves to keep better air-tightness of compression bags.

Products applying our compression technologies.

Space Saving Bag for Futon
Stackable Vacuum Seal Storage Totes

Custom order applying our compressing function is available.

Ishizaki-Shizai applies compression technologies to produce various products other than those products. We may ask customer's needs or request and we can make a proposal matching to your application and using environment. Please consult with us for custom-made order of other compression bags too. We also can supply your own printing, such as logo mark.

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